The contributor's license agreement (CLA) and sub licensing guarantees?

There’s been two things that I’ve wanted to contribute to the crate repositories that I’ve not been able to due to the CLA. The only hang-up that I have with the CLA is that there is no guarantee that my changes will always relicensed as Apache 2.0.

When comparing it to the one for the CNCF, one of it’s starting passages discusses an intent of use, which makes a guarantee that provided code shall be used for public benefit: cla/individual-cla.pdf at master · cncf/cla · GitHub

Any chance we could see something like this amended into the Crate ICLA?

Hi @protosam

I think I can see where you are coming from. With Apache 2.0 anyone is free to use the software also in non Apache 2.0 licensed projects, so we can’t really give such a guarantee as legal entity. Any contribution to one of our public repositories under Apache v2.0 will be available under that license and free for anyone to use/fork/build on under that license. Be aware that most of CrateDBs / software and documentation is licensed under Apache License v2 already and has been for many years (with a few exceptions). In the past we had some very bad experience with bad actors regarding the ICLAs.

I think the situation with CNCF is a bit different, as it is a non-profit foundation, while is not. So we can’t give you a guarantee, that contributions added to one of our public repos, might also be used in a for profit way.

I will however bring this up internally and see how we might be able to adapt that.

best regards
Georg / proddata