Need some clarity on CLA

CrateDB Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

I plan to give a PR for crate-java-testing and am about to sign up for CLA. However, I have a question about a type of CLA. Now from what I understood:

  • ICLA
    Is for individuals who are committing on their own will, he/she owns the copyright.

  • CCLA
    Is for individuals who are committing on behalf of an organization, and the organization owns the copyright.


Individual Corporate Cont­ributor under an existing company contributor agree­ment (your employer)

This is what I don’t understand.
Does it mean an individual is already under a CLA with his employer and wants to sign another CLA with ? If yes, then who owns copyright in this case?

Requesting someone to please clarify on the same, or let me know if this is not an appropriate forum to discuss this. Thanks in advance!

sorry for the delay on this. As the ICCLA document states in the 4th paragraph on page 1:

  1. assumption is that you are bound by an existing CLA of your employer, who would - in most cases - own the copyright on all of your original work as per your CLA agreement
  2. you have to make sure a person being able to sign the ICCLA on behalf of the legal entity of your employer will sigh the ICCLA on your behalf; unless you are able to sign yourself on behalf of your employer.
  3. copyright would be owned by your employer, but the ICCLA grants the rights to a copyright license for your work (including redistribution, editing etc.)

Hope this clarified the topic!