Comunity license switch


I just installed cratedb via docker and the header at the top says: License: crate (exp: 2019-03-31)
I assume it’s the trial license documented here:
that I’m running now.

Once expired will it automatically switch to community license?
Is there a way to disable the trial license now and force it to switch to community one?
(google doesn’t help)

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In short:
You can switch to community edition by adding license.enterprise: false to your crate.yml configuration file of each node.

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Unfortunately CrateDB 4.0.6 don’t know this config option anymore:

[2019-10-24T16:31:02,298][WARN ][o.e.b.ElasticsearchUncaughtExceptionHandler] [Faulkogel] uncaught exception in thread [main]
org.elasticsearch.bootstrap.StartupException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: unknown setting [license.enterprise] please check that any required plugins are installed, or check the breaking changes documentation for removed settings

Is there a new method of getting back to the community version?

Since CrateDB 4.0, we differentiate between CrateDB CE (Community Edition) and CrateDB (Enterprise) at build time. A CrateDB version cannot be switched to CrateDB CE by configuration anymore. Although the CrateDB variant can be run without a paid license on up to 3 nodes. This license switch was introduced in 3.3, see also
We also don’t distribute any CrateDB CE variant but it can be easily build from source by ./gradlew communityEditionDistTar, see

@smu I hope you’re planning on offering a community edition rpm similar to how docker works (docker vs docker-ce)…If you’re requiring people to build crate community edition, it seems like a step backwards for those of us who’ve been with you since 0.5 days :smiley: and makes me wonder if crate will eventually pull a memsql where you no longer will offer a community edition or if you do, you’d limit it to a max number of nodes.

we don’t have plans to distribute a community edition, but you can either build it yourself - or apply for a special startup pricing (based on funding level and size of the cluster) or free licensing for non-commercial or educational projects.
feel free to get in contact with me directly!

@jodok, @smu with all those version changes I don’t understand the final terms.

Can CrateDB be used unlicensed up to three nodes?

Because I am trying to upgrade a mono node deployment from version 3.0.7 to 4.0.10 and a trial license has been created to the instance.

So, will my deployment stop when the trial license expires? would I be able to keep using version 4.0.10 if the deployment has 3 or fewer nodes? do I have to explicit this using any kind of env or configuration file?

Thank you in advance

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I am having a similar question as you’ve asked. +1

starting with Crate 4.x the license for up to 3 nodes will not expire to allow using CrateDB without a license. If you add a 4th node, the cluster will run in restricted mode.

If the trial license was generated by a 4.x node itself during first start you should be good to go. You do not have to reconfigure anything.