License exception when connecting to crateDB from crash


I installed crateDB via “apt-get” on Ubuntu and crash to access it. It was working fine in the beginning.
I was able to connect via crash and started setting everything up. After I ran the init script of my application (adding dummy data), I wanted to check with crash again and got this:

crate.client.exceptions.ProgrammingError: SQLActionException[ColumnUnknownException: Column settings['license']['enterprise'] unknown]

I am running crateDB on one node, so should not need a license. Crate works fine when I run queries from my application, but crash throws the error above. Can someone point me to a fix?


Older versions of crash made a query to SELECT settings['license']['enterprise'] FROM sys.cluster, this column was removed in CrateDB 4.0

Could you update your crash installation and try again? crash 0.24.2+ should work.

works, thanks @mfussenegger

looks like it was bad timing from my end. installed everything 2 days ago. crash version was 0.24.1…