Exploring issues for Software Engineering course assignment

Hello everyone!

I am Maria, a third year undergraduate student at AUEB.
As part of a Software Engineering course assignment, my colleague Katerina and I have to contribute to a GitHub Open Sourse Project via a pull-request.
We believe that CrateDB suits our criteria and we are currently exploring open issues that we could address.
We would really appreciate any guidance from the community that aims to help us better understand the project and effectively contribute to it.



Hi @mariakont ,

Welcome to the CrateDB Community!

CrateDB encompasses a wide range of open source projects, offering numerous opportunities for contributions. If you’re interested in contributing directly to CrateDB, we recommend starting with issues marked as contributions welcome or good first issue in the crate/crate repository. However, there are plenty of other interesting issues waiting for your skills and enthusiasm.

Before diving in, you might want to familiarize yourself with our Contributing Guide and Developer Guide found in the repository. These resources are great starting points for cloning the repository and building CrateDB on your own.

For a better understanding of what we expect from contributions, reviewing past pull requests, such as the “Add reverse scalar PR”, can offer valuable insights into simpler issues.

If you’ve managed to build CrateDB and are ready to work on an unassigned issue, please leave a comment on the issue to have it assigned to you. This helps prevent multiple contributors from working on the same issue simultaneously.

Should you have any specific questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask here.