CrateDB Workshop - June 28

CrateDB Workshop is coming soon!

June 28th, 2023, from 02:00 to 5:00 pm CET (possibility to join at a specific time, see below)

Who is it for: Data Engineer, Database Engineer, Software Engineer, Software Architect, Data Architect, Data Consultant, CTO, Head of data, Big data Engineer, Big data Architect, Data Analyst, Data Ops, Database Administrators, Student/Research assistant. This workshop is designed for everyone interested in learning about CrateDB features and how it can be used to store, query and analyze large amounts of data.

Why is it relevant: CrateDB Workshop is a hands-on learning experience introducing the fundamental concepts of CrateDB, a distributed and highly scalable SQL database. The workshop will be divided into 4 independent modules. Feel free to attend modules based on your interest and experience.

  • Module 1: 14:00–14:20 CET Introduction to CrateDB and its Architecture
  • Module 2: 14:30–14:50 CET Installing and configuring CrateDB
  • Module 3: 15:00–15:50 CET Inserting and Querying Data
  • Module 4: 16:00–16:50 CET Modeling Data in CrateDB

What you will learn

  • CrateDB architecture and its SQL and NoSQL capabilities
  • Installing and setting up your CrateDB instance
  • Inserting and querying data in CrateDB
  • Finding a perfect sharding and partitioning strategy for your use case
  • Performing advanced data analysis: joins, aggregations window functions, and full-text search

Price: Free!

Register here:CrateDB Workshop

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