CrateDB Workshop - October 10 and 11

We are delighted to announce the 2nd Edition of the CrateDB workshop! Don’t miss the opportunity to get a hands-on learning experience on the fundamental concepts of CratteDB.

The workshop is divided into 5 independent modules, which can be attended based on your interest and experience.

October 10 (Basic level)

  • Module 1: Introduction to CrateDB and its Architecture 2:00–2:20 pm
  • Module 2: Installing and Configuring CrateDB 2:30–2:50 pm
  • Module 3: Inserting and Querying Data 3:00–3:50 pm

October 11 (Advanced level)

  • Module 4: Modeling Data in CrateDB 2:00–2:50 pm
  • Module 5: Query Planning and Optimizations 3:00–3:50 pm

What you will learn

  • The fundamentals of CrateDB architecture and its SQL and NoSQL capabilities
  • How to install and set up your CrateDB instance
  • Inserting and querying data in CrateDB
  • How to find a perfect sharding and partitioning strategy
  • Advanced data analysis: joins, aggregations, window functions, and full-text search
  • Understanding the query planner and how to get the best performance for your use case.

The event is free to attend!
The registration: CrateDB Workshop

See you there!
CrateDB team