CREATE REPOSITORY - path is not accessible on master node

I have an Azure StorageAccount where we stored or crate db snapshots. Now I destroyed an old cluster in favor of a new one with more and bigger nodes, running AKS and a new cratedb cluster. When I try to CREATE REPOSITORY ... TYPE azure ... I get the message

SQLActionException[RepositoryException: [] […] path is not accessible on master node]

As this already worked on the old cluster several times, I have no clue whats the problem here. Perhaps someone can give me a hint.

EDIT: Of course I am using the same account and key I used to create the repository at the older cluster. Both, old and new cluster use crate 4.1.7

Turns out that it was the azure storage accounts own firewall where I had to allow the cluster subnet (or all subnets) first. Now its working.

Great … thanks for giving an update on this :slight_smile: