Can't Create Repository (Windows)

CREATE REPOSITORY repo1 TYPE fs  WITH (location='c:\backups\',compress=true);



RepositoryException[[] [repo1] failed to create repository]

Node is started with Admin rights on the server.

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I am not on a Windows machine right now, but I think you have to escape the backslashes

CREATE REPOSITORY repo1 TYPE fs WITH (location='c:\\backups',compress=true);

Thanks! That did not work!

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I think you should set path.repo in CrateDB settings:


Runtime: no

A list of filesystem or UNC paths where repositories of type fs may be stored.

Without this setting a CrateDB user could write snapshot files to any directory that is writable by the CrateDB process. To safeguard against this security issue, the possible paths have to be whitelisted here.

See also location setting of repository type fs .

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