Setting Azure blob storage as snapshot repository for CrateDB

  1. Create a new Storage Account in Microsoft Azure
  2. Create a new Container in the Storage Account
  3. Get you Access keys for the Container (Security + networking > Access Keys)
  4. In your CrateDB Cluster create a new repository
    • You will need:
      • Storage Account name (e.g. cratetest)
      • Container name (e.g. cratebackup)
      • Access Key (e.g. /YDcp3IIJz4DIgSgWEGA3T8NhfOOCrm6EaDLaeqycgyZEXOg==)
    • Create the repo:
    CREATE REPOSITORY azurerepo TYPE azure
    WITH (account = 'cratetest',
          container = 'cratebackup',
          key ='/YDcp3IIJz4DIgSgWEGA3T8NhfOOCrm6EaDLaeqycgyZEXOg==');
  5. Create your first snapshot
    CREATE SNAPSHOT azurerepo.first_snapshot TABLE my_table;

For the full configuration options see CREATE REPOSITORY — CrateDB: Reference
For more information on snapshots and repositories see Snapshots — CrateDB: Reference