We are seeing dangling index after dropping a table

We have dropped 2 tables from the cluster some time back. The table got cleared from cluster, But we still see the entries showing in sys.allocation.

Could see the below error in the master log.

stdout.log:[2021-07-15T10:04:17,089][WARN ][o.e.g.DanglingIndicesState] [master-xxxxx] [[doc…partitioned.table.04732dhg64qj2c1k60o30c1g/NYtx6xcTRM2Gf2LXueH0KQ]] can not be imported as a dangling index, as index with same name already exists in cluster metadata
[[doc…partitioned.table.04732dhg64qj2c1k60o30c1g/NYtx6xcTRM2Gf2LXueH0KQ]] dangling index exists on local file system, but not in cluster metadata, auto import to cluster state

and we see many shards in “UNASSIGNED”.

Could you please suggest, what we can do hhere

Hi @Abdul

Which version of CrateDB are you running?
Could you tell us the steps that lead to the current state?
i.e. did you use a DELETE-statement or did you manually remove any files from the file system?

Hello @proddata
We use Crate CE 4.1.8.

We have moved one of the major table from this cluster to another.
After the migration we have deleted the table using delete command. But after the activity cluster got stuck in this state. We tried complete cluster bounce that didn’t help.
In UI we see the cluster status GREEN, But below commands shows the table in RED.
/shn/apps/crate/current/bin/crash -c “select * from sys.health order by severity desc limit 10”
| health | missing_shards | partition_ident | severity | table_name | table_schema | underreplicated_shards |
| RED | 6 | 04732d9p70sj2e1k60o30c1g | 3 | xxxx | xxx_m | 12 |
| RED | 6 | 04732dhg6orjgc1o60o30c1g | 3 | xxxx | xxx_m | 12 |
| RED | 6 | 04732d9p60sjce9m60o30c1g | 3 | xxxx | xxx_m | 12 |