Snapshot restore is failing

We have a setup where we create a snapshot of our crate database in our Production environment in one AWS region, copy that snapshot to an S3 bucket, and then restore that snapshot to a different crate cluster in a different AWS region which is our DR environment. This had been working properly until 11/08/2021, when it started failing with the following error

SQLActionException[SnapshotRestoreException: [my_repository:us_crate_20211108043003/gclfu8ahQ7qE8hdrxsL5EA] cannot restore index [app..partitioned.tp_activity_v2.04732dhj6cs34d1g60o30c1g] because an open index with same name already exists in the cluster.

There are currently no “user” tables in the DR crate cluster as confirmed by the following:

cr> SELECT CONCAT(table_schema, '.', table_name) FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES where table_schema IN ('doc', 'app');
| concat(table_schema, '.', table_name) |

How do I close or delete the blocking index?