How to delete table physical file


How can we delete table/index physical file as index create once we renamed.


What exactly did you rename and how?
Did you restart the cluster?

In general all data/indexes are stored within the data folder of each node, but it isn’t really supported/good practive to manually delete files there:

After restarting of Cluster when we try to start CrateDB below error we getting.

“java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot delete index [[.resized…partitioned.vehicle_movement_condition_test.0c2j4c1i641j2do264/YQlhhKxsSbixqkSWNfKEwQ]], it is still part of the cluster state.
at org.elasticsearch.indices.IndicesService.verifyIndexIsDeleted( ~[crate-app.jar:4.5.0]”

so we try to delete/rename.

Please suggest.