Users, Sign in with authentication

Hello everyone,

I would need support on access configuration and security.

I have a cluster consisting of three docker conatiners , each running an instance of crateDb on three different hosts.

The configuration file is the default and is inside the container.

At the moment anyone who connects via browser to port 4200 is able to log in with administrator privileges (user crate), although I have created differen users with the DQL privilege only.

CrateDB reached via browser does not ask for username and password.

My questions are:

  • Is it possible to force the user ‘crate’ to have a password ?
  • how can I make CrateDB ask anyone accessing port 4200 to authenticate ?
  • Can I do this using only SQL commands via ‘crash’ or web UI ?

Thank you for your help.


Just wanted to link a newer thread on this topic in case anyone comes across this in the future:
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