User Permissions Questions


So I have an interesting issue, and I dunno if I’m just looking at it wrong, or what. Anyway, here I go:

  • Have a working 3-node CrateDB cluster
  • Nodes are on private IPs:
  • Nodes are set to site
  • Can’t seem to get CrateDB to bind both to localhost and an IP; if I put global in the config, it will not start
  • Crash allows remote login with users (not superuser)

According to the documentation, the superuser can’t login remotely and is the only one with AL permissions. Trying to do a ‘GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES’ to a user returns “GRANT OK, 3 rows affected”, not the “4 rows affected” reflected on the User Management page. This seems to grant all perms EXCEPT AL.

Trying to do a ‘GRANT AL’ to a user results in an unknown privileged error.

So two questions:

  1. If I have a running cluster, using Internal IPs, how can I create users / passwords if I can’t login with the Superuser and can’t grant anyone Superuser perms?
  2. Is it possible to get CrateDB to bind both to localhost and an internal IP so that I can connect locally with Crash and use the superuser?


The AL permission type is being added in 4.0. That’s likely why the examples in the documentation don’t match the behavior you’re observing with your CrateDB installation. The documentation is versioned, so you can also switch to the docs that match your version. Eg. this would be the docs for 3.3

To bind to both localhost and an internal IP you should be able to set,_site_