Admin UI on ip6-loopback/localhost in a cluster?


I setup cratedb in a 2 node cluster this weekend. So far, it’s working, but I cannot reach the Admin UI anymore. We’re not opening up the firewall to allow tcp/4200 to the internet, nor do we have a VPN. We generally ssh portforward to reach localhost/ip6-loopback on individual hosts.

desired state

let me config the Admin UI to be _local_ only in a cluster configuration.

network setup

[test-server-01]⇋⇋[40gb fiber switch]⇋⇋[test-server-02]
                          ↳ {ipv6-only internet}

single node cluster

The admin ui works great at ip6-loopback:4200 or localhost:4200 via curl on the server or via ssh port forwarding and hitting it with a browser.

2-node cluster config

When setup as a 2-node cluster, I can neither reach ip6-loopback:4200 nor localhost:4200/ via curl on the server or via ssh port forwarding.

Through following the docs and reading past posts here, I have setup both hosts with identical crate.yml files, except for is specific to each host (test-01 and test-02). crate-test-cluster _local_, test-server-01.crate-test-cluster.example.lan

What am I doing wrong?


After experimentation, I managed to figure it out.

It works with: crate-test-cluster _local_, test-server-01.example.lan
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thanks for giving an update and welcome to the CrateDB community :slight_smile: