When attempting to log in using JDBC I get an error

FATAL: password authentication failed for user “username”. I created the user using:

CREATE USER user_b WITH (password = ‘a_secret_password’);

and then followed on with


Just taking a guess here. How does the connect string look? Could you make sure that SSL is ON!?

I used n8n to connect and then I used pgADMIN and the same error persists. Hostname = localhost database = doc port is 5432 and user name and password are supplied.

could you please share the crate.yml or command line options your are using to start cratedb.

I found the issue – for some reason I had another version of PGSQL running on my workstation. I stopped it and now it’s working. Thank you for your time!

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Glad that you found it! Have a nice weekend and THANK YOU for trying out cratedb!