Table level auditing feature

Hi All,

I would like to audit DQL and DML operations on few tables.

Is there a feature to capture audit logs in Crate or any third party plugins available?


Generally that information would be able in the sys.jobs_log table, and one could periodically run a INSERT INTO <persistence_table> SELECT * FROM sys.jobs_log. However there is also the option to persistently log queries in the application log (and set a filter for that)

see System information — CrateDB: Reference
and Cluster-wide settings — CrateDB: Reference

Does this help you?

Please note that you will only see the queries for the logged in user when checking sys.jobs_log.

Logging the queries or querying sys.jobs_log with the superuser crate will include queries by all users.

Ok, thanks. This is what I was looking for.

One more question:

Is there way to disable these logging? It may create performance issues by logging on all users and tables.

can I enable only for specific users or tables?


Is there way to disable these logging?

No need, as the default for persisting queries to the logs is disabled (compare documentation for stats.jobs_log_persistent_filter)

can I enable only for specific users or tables?

Yes, as documented by setting a filter for stats.jobs_log_persistent_filter. See stats.jobs_log_filter for an example how to do this.

You can set a filter like username = <user> and / or stmt ILIKE '%from <tablename>%'

Ok, Thanks for information and support.