Query running status

How can I get what is the status of running query?
I can have a list of queries by “sys.jobs” but I want to know why any query is running long ? for what resource/reason it is running?


Is there a specific query you have troubles with?


SELECT * FROM sys.jobs j
JOIN sys.operations o ON j.id = o.job_id
WHERE j.started < now();

you get a more complete pictures what operations related to the jobs are currently running.

Thanks for your response.

Do we have any queries which can we use to monitor cratedb running query status? Do we have running,blocking,waiting,locking,sleeping sessions related query?
Thanks in advance it is helpful to us.

No, not that I am aware of. If a query is in sys.jobs then it is considered running.
If you think more information would be useful, I would kindly ask you to raise a feature request in the crate-repo and describe the use-case :slight_smile: