Enable/disable stats

Hi guys,

I’m running Docker CrateDB v3.0 with one node and recently I have started to receive this kind of warnings:

[2019-09-25T02:44:34,843][WARN ][i.c.e.e.c.s.RamAccountingQueue] Memory limit for breaker [jobs_log] was exceeded. Queue [RamAccountingQueue[6f9b3aff-62e3-43eb-8514-cd34af84494e]] is cleared.

I read in the documentation this is due to stats records and that this can be disabled.

I would like to know whether is recommended to have this configuration enabled or not, and if is secure to enable/disable this configuration when these statistics values will be used.

I hope someone can help me or give me some advice,
Thanks in advance,

PS: I keep dreaming of user management and access control in next community releases

If collecting stats is disabled, no entries will be written to the in-memory jobs_log and operations_log tables and not stats are available via JMX. Its safe to disable it although it should normally not harm when enabled.
As the documentation (https://crate.io/docs/crate/reference/en/latest/config/cluster.html#collecting-stats and https://crate.io/docs/crate/reference/en/latest/admin/system-information.html#jobs-operations-and-logs) describes, these tables are truncated if they hit the defined limits. To make the user aware of such truncation, the warning is logged.
It is also possible to limit the queries which are logged in such tables by a filter, see https://crate.io/docs/crate/reference/en/latest/config/cluster.html#stats-jobs-log-filter.