S3 snapshots from crate in k8s using a serviceAccount?

Hi, I wonder if anyone here can help me?

I’ve got crate running in a kubernetes cluster and I want to set up snapshots to s3. I can get the ‘create repository’ command to work if I specify an access key id and a secret access key but I figured it should be possible to use a service account instead.

I have a service account in my k8s cluster that I have confirmed has full access to s3, I have added this serviceaccount to the crate statefulset but I get access denied errors when I try to run the create repository command. When I run an aws cli pod with the service account attached then I can see all of my buckets and copy files to them etc.

Has anyone else here managed to get a similar setup working? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Hi @ekoecho

From the lack of answers, I am afraid that this isn’t really possible right now.

Is this something you consider to be an important feature for CrateDB?
May I ask you to create a feature request within crate/crate on GitHub?

best regards