CrateDB Cloud News: Simple Data Export

We are excited to announce a new convenient feature in CrateDB Cloud UI that is sure to make your life easier. The new feature is still in beta, but it is already shaping up to be a powerful addition:

Export Data from Views or Tables

With the new export feature, you can easily export the data from a view or table directly from the CrateDB Cloud UI. This is perfect for those who need to share data across different platforms or simply want a local copy. Currently, the export is limited to 1 GiB, but we are already working on removing this limitation. Here is a sneak peek at how simple the process is:

For now, you can export the data in CSV and JSON formats. We know that different projects may require different formats, and we have got you covered. Soon, we will be adding support for exporting data in Parquet files as well.

Please note that since this feature is still in beta, there might be some bugs or unexpected behaviors. We encourage you to give it a try and share your feedback with us. We are constantly working to improve the functionality, and your input can help us make it perfect.

In addition to removing the size limitation, we have many exciting updates in the pipeline. So, stay tuned for more enhancements that will make this export feature even more powerful and convenient.