CrateDB Cloud News: Table-Level Restore

Along with the recent addition of the export feature, we have another exciting update to share. CrateDB Cloud UI now includes the ability to restore single or multiple tables from a snapshot. This marks a significant improvement over the previous functionality, where you could only restore the entire cluster via the UI.

Individual and Multi-Table Restore

This new feature adds a layer of flexibility and control that was not there before. Whether you need to restore a single table or multiple tables, you can now do it easily within the CrateDB Cloud UI.

Here’s what it means for you:

  • Selective Recovery: Restore only the data you need without affecting other parts of the cluster. If you accidentally deleted a table, you can now recover it without having to restore the entire cluster.
  • Cross-Cluster Recovery: Restore tables to the same cluster or a different cluster, giving you even more flexibility in data management.
  • Testing and Upgrading: Planning to upgrade to a new version of CrateDB? You can copy some data over to a new cluster to ensure that everything works as expected.

This new ability to restore specific tables from a snapshot adds another layer of convenience and flexibility to the CrateDB Cloud UI. It is a testament to our continuous commitment to make the CrateDB experience as user-friendly and adaptable as possible.

We hope you will find this new feature as exciting and helpful as we do. Feel free to explore it, and as always, your feedback is invaluable to us. With your input, we will continue to refine and expand the features to better serve your needs. Happy restoring!