CrateDB Cloud/Edge Improvement: Tabs Consolidation

What’s it about

Over the last couple of months, we’ve added a lot of features, which also made us add tab after tab to the detailed cluster view. Individual tabs became a bit scattered, and their layout could also be improved. So that’s exactly what this release is about.


We decreased the number of tabs to just five, containing the following:

Overview - Overview, Sparklines(cpu usage/storage/queries), Configuration checklist, Code snippets, Link to import, Link to backups, Link to API tutorial

Data - Import demo data, Import from URL, Import from file

Backups - Edit backup schedule, Restore backup, Clone backup to an existing cluster

Scale - Change plan, Scale cluster, Free tier warning

Manage - Access credentials, Deletion protection, IP allowlist, Version upgrades, Private links, Suspend, Delete

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