New CrateDB Cloud/Edge Feature: Improved Cluster Details View

New CrateDB Cloud/Edge Feature: New Cluster Details View

We are happy to let you know that we invested some time to improve the Cluster Details view on the CrateDB Cloud Console. It now presents crucial information about your CrateDB Cloud cluster in a way that can be quickly understood and acted upon.

We reworked the presentation of already available information and also included some new things, you can now see:

  • The region where the cluster is deployed
  • Basic metrics (CPU load, Storage occupation, Queries per second)
  • Cluster specs (Plan, Nodes, CPUs, Ram, Storage, CrateDB version)
  • Available upgrades to CrateDB
  • Direct access to information on how to connect to your cluster

Next is the action item list. It is a new mechanism that will display information that might improve the security or usability of the cluster. It may advise you to take steps such as configuring an IP whitelist, turning on deletion protection, enabling notification emails, etc.

Try it out now with our free tier - deploy a cluster free of charge and without a credit card!

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