Unknown setting [index.recovery.initial_shards]

what i did:

ALTER TABLE xxxxxxxxx SET (number_of_replicas=0);

i get this error:

SQLActionException[SQLParseException: unknown setting [index.recovery.initial_shards] please check that any required plugins are installed or license.enterprise is enabled, if the plugin(s) require(s) it, or check the breaking changes documentation for removed settings]

what is very strange, because with update 3.0.0 it says:

The gateway recovery table setting recovery.initial_shards has been removed.

the table has some issues, not all data can be replicated currently:

table info:

4.3 Million Datensätze (227.5 MB)
858698 Underreplicated Records / 2 Underreplicated Shards / 10 Shards / 1 Replicas

i restarted every node, the missing shards still don´t get replicated.

i would be happy to get some help here!


Hi micha

could you please tell us which version of cratedb you are using and also when the problem first occured? (E.g. did you upgrade from one version to another?)

hi, I am using 3.1.2 and the problem only occurs on one specific table. I restarted every single node, but the shards never got synced. to solve my issue I exported all the data, deleted the table, re-created it, put all data back into it.

I first experienced this error two days ago.

but anyway, I would like to know where this error comes from or maybe it’s a bug.


sorry for the delayed answer.
I assume you upgraded from an older version of CrateDB. As you already recognized, the setting was removed with CrateDB 3.0.0.
Unfortunately tables created with older CrateDB versions are not compatible with versions >= 3.x: Version 3.0.0 — CrateDB: Reference

Tables that were created prior to upgrading to CrateDB 2.x will not function with 3.0 and must be recreated before moving to 3.0.x.
You can recreate tables using COPY TO and COPY FROM while running a 2.x release into a new table, or by inserting the data into a new table.
Before upgrading, you should back up your data.

okay, good to know, thanks :+1: