New CrateDB Cloud/Edge Feature: Import Data from URL (beta)

Getting data into a database is typically one of the first thing a user does after deploying it. With CrateDB Cloud it is now possible to import data from a file from a public URL with a few clicks.

File import from ULR currently supports importing from CSV, JSON and Parquet files. Furthermore it also supports importing data from files that are GZIP compressed. All you have to do is to copy paste the URL to the file and hit the import button. The UI will give you steady feedback on the progress of the import and also lets you know in case any errors are detected. It is also possible to import files from the CLI. The feature is currently in beta and we plan to add additonal import types (e.g. upload from local file or connecting to a data stream) in the future.

For now we are happy to share this first iteration and see how it does work out for our users.Feel free to try it out and also leave any questions or feedback here in the community.

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