Migration InfluxDB to CrateDB? (outflux-like)

How do we migrate from InfluxDB to CrateDB? Do we have something like outflux (https://docs.timescale.com/latest/tutorials/outflux) ?

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If we have it please let me know @miguel.arregui … I would love to prepare a migration guide with it :wink:

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Hola Carlota!

I am going to have a play with InfluxDB and outflux and see.


Hi Miguel, i currently have a project where a competitor is offering influx to the customer. I would like to use CrateDB instead. But what i am missing is the ecosystem around cratedb (like telegraf, kapacitor). Basically i have seen that cratedb can be used as output for telegraf. Can the capacitor also be used. What are the preferred tools for ingesting / transforming data. Also elasticsearch comes with the ELK Stack. Do you have proposals what are the best tools providing a solution with CrateDB ?

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Hi Michael,

You are open to pretty much use any tool which supports ODBC, JDBC or Postgres Wire Protocol, which is a huge advantage compared to using a proprietary language (Flux) to query your Data.

Typical Tools/Technologies used together with Crate:

  • Kafka, MQTT, Azure Event Hub, …
  • Flink, Spark, Telegraf, …
  • Grafana, PowerBI, Qlik, …
  • Streamsets, NiFi, Node-red, …
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Hi, all.
Isn’t ODBC/JDBC a bottleneck? For medium-to-large payloads (e.g. more than 10k rows per dataset per second)

That of course always depends on the client implementation (e.g. how much parallelism), but typically not. I don’t have an example ready, but we definitely so multiple 10k or 100ks rows / s with some Spark + JDBC implementation.

Also CrateDB supports all kinds of other drivers / clients (see CrateDB Clients and Tools — CrateDB: Clients and Tools) as well as an http-endpoint (https://crate.io/docs/crate/reference/en/4.6/interfaces/http.html).