CrateDB from On-promise to Cloud data migration

I am planning to give CrateDB a try in one of my academic research projects however I wanted to get some technical feedback/support for the user community regarding a question that I had in my mind.

If I use on-promise servers in my lab for hot data storage and want to have cloud storage for cold data, what’s the best way to migrate the data in CrateDB from on-promise to the cloud? For example in Oracle, I know there is a product like Golden Gate that would do replication from database to database, what would you suggest for CrateDB in such a scenario?

Well… thanks for not replying. I will cross out CrateDB from my list, I cannot rely on a user community that is inactive and gets responsive only if you pay the license fee.

Maybe there is no response as cluster-to-cluster replication is currently not supported by CrateDB :wink:

We’ve this feature already in our minds but there are no plans to implement it soon.
It would cool if you could create a github issue asking for that feature with a (detailed) description of your use-case. This could help to push this feature as it may be important to others too.
Any contributions are more than welcome.

Thanks for the quick and honest reply. I will see how my team can contribute into it, then.