MapperParsingException error for newly added sub props/keys/object in document

In our project we are using crateDB as database and using node-crate library for crud operation.
there is crate collection/table with a specific schema. Part of recent changes, new documents saved in that table contains new nested column which hold additional detail In PROD env we are using crate version: 4.6.7. when tried adding new document through node service. it throws below error

MapperParsingException[Mapping definition for [<<newly_added_sub_key>>]
has unsupported parameters:
[fields : {keyword={type=keyword, ignore_above=256}}]]

Don’t see same issue locally where we use crateDB version :4.8.4. Could see the records gets added in collection/table and could see the schema too is getting updated definition too with newly introduced nested columns.

What could be the issue here? crate collection should accept adding of new details in incoming document? any solution have for crate version: 4.6.7?

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Hi Vijay,
Welcome to the CrateDB community!
There have been a very large number of improvements since 4.6.7 was released, so if upgrading the Prod environment were an option that would probably be best, but that said I could not track this down to a specific bug fix and there may be some workaround.
Could you share the output of SHOW CREATE TABLE for the table in question and some sample of the data that you are trying to insert?
Thank you.

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Thanks @hernanc for the response. Upgrading crateDB is not an option for us for now. I checked with leadership team on sharing table specific details. Seems like its not allowed due to security reasons. But we have come with workaround, we have updated the table schema to include new missing fields and it worked. so we are good here.

I am glad you found a workaround, thanks for sharing.
In case you were interested for the future, we also have paid support agreements where you can discuss the details of issues with us confidentially, feel free to reach out to anytime if you are interested in a quote.