Is support for Stored Procedures planned in the roadmap?


According to what I understand from CrateDB documentation, there’s not yet support for stored procedures.

Is it on the roadmap?

Do you plan to support it, e.g. can you say if it is planned for some future version number?

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Hi @Emre_Sevinc

We do have support for Stored Procedures on the backlog, but currently have no planned release version or date for it.

Feel free to give the GitHub issue a thumbs up Support for Stored Procedures / Functions (plpgsql) · Issue #10731 · crate/crate · GitHub

Also, if you could share a bit about your use case, what do you need Stored Procedures for, that would be helpful for our prioritization.



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Thanks for your clarification and the GitHub link!

The motivation behind my question: whenever a team considers an alternative to PostgreSQL, the question about “stored procedures” comes up. Even if most of the business logic is in the application source code, there are cases where stored procedures are used, leading to concerns about migration.