CrateDB v5.6 Stable Release: Support for Roles, Renaming Columns, and More

We are happy to announce a new CrateDB 5.6 stable release available for all users and customers.

CrateDB 5.6 brings support for roles and role inheritance (and such privilege inheritance), renaming columns, join performance as well as SQL standard and PostgreSQL compatibility improvements.

You can see the complete list of changes in the release notes , and more high level details on the related 5.6 release blog post .
Due to issues we detected with the testing 5.6.0 release, the first 5.6 stable release is 5.6.1

You can download CrateDB 5.6 from our download page , or get an OCI image from Docker Hub (the related docker PR is still pending, but should be merged soon).

CrateDB 5.6 will also be available within CrateDB Cloud within the next two weeks.

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