Is Debian 11 (stable) supported for production deployments?


According to Run CrateDB on Debian GNU/Linux — CrateDB: How-Tos the latest Debian version supported is listed as Buster (10.x).

Is the current Debian stable, that is, Debian 11.0 (“bullseye”) also supported?

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Typically we support the latest LTS versions. I have to check with the product team.

cc @Jan


Thanks for the quick feedback. I’m looking forward to hearing your reply.

The latest version of Debian stable (version 11) has been released in August, it can be considered new, but taking into account the fact that Debian stable really means stable and mostly old versions of software, I’d expect CrateDB to run on Debian 11 stable as well.

But of course I want to make sure before I set up a cluster.

This stable version also has Linux kernel 5.10 series (as indicated in the link above).

I’ve also checked LTS - Debian Wiki , and technically, even the oldstable (version 10.x, codenamed “Buster”) is a future LTS.

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Dear Emre,

thanks for asking. The corresponding ticket, Debian 11 Bullseye Release · Issue #11784 · crate/crate · GitHub, was resolved yesterday, after we published packages for Debian 11 “bullseye”, starting with CrateDB 4.6.4.

With kind regards,