High CPU usage for the primary node in crate cluster

We are using 3 node cluster config for cratedb in our organization for history data fetch. For the last few days, we have been observing 100% CPU usage on the primary node which is resulting in higher query response time and choke down of our API services.

Any leads will be appreciated

Dear Tushar,

thank you for writing in. Are you aware of any changes made to the system in one way or another?

It does not exclusively mean they happened on the database/server end, also any sort of database client is easily able to cause troubles, for example when getting under significant load. So, with “system changes”, I am also referring to any indirect changes eventually caused by such details.

Other than this, knowing further information about your environment will always be helpful. For example, if you are running CrateDB on CrateDB Cloud, other cloud infrastructure, or on your own premises, and which versions you are using, for both the operating system and relevant software on server- and client-sides.

With kind regards,