Node timeout in clusters

Hi All,

We did a setup of cratedb. in which are getting below error.

[o.e.t.TransportService ] [Gametzalpenkopf] Received response for a request that has timed out, sent [5003ms] ago, timed out [2001ms] ago, action [internal:crate:sql/sys/nodes], node [{Hochkünzelspitze}{879XQnSHQTGY6r9je_jG8g}{spOq_XLFTdaoLiz8IKg_bw}{}{}{http_address=}], id [143070680]

Server is VM in which we crated 3 nodes and given 35 GB heap size to Cratedb.
Any idea how to solve this issue.

Also the GUI look like below

This message may indicate that node Hochkünzelspitze is unresponsive or that there is a network connectivity issue between Gametzalpenkopf and Hochkünzelspitze.
I would advice you take a quick look to see if there is anything from the infrastructure side and if everything looks ok check on / sys.jobs_log what is running/has run. There may be some query taking too many CPU resources.


Thanks for your response.
we kill that top CPU-consuming query.
but still, timeout is occurring

Vinayak Katkar

Hi ,
Is there any parameter, that changes the node communication timeout?
means can we increase node-to-node timeout communication time to avoid spit brain.

Dear Vinayak,

thank you for writing in. I can see you are using CrateDB 4.8.4. While I can’t pinpoint any specific issue, would using a more recent version of CrateDB be possible, to see if those observed woes go away?

With kind regards,