Distributed query, how please?

Hi, I need to have hundreds of CrateDBs on sensors, what function allows me to send a query e.g a distributed query, to all the CrateDB instances on these sensors?

We have UI to submit query, then it needs to retrieve results from all the sensors running CrateDB?


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Hi @Mac,

when you refer to CrateDB on sensors, does that mean running CrateDB clusters on edge hardware separately for each sensor? Can you give more details on the environment of those sensors, please?

Typically, CrateDB isn’t deployed directly on the sensor level. Instead, readings from multiple sensors are usually ingested into a single message queue and CrateDB is then a consumer of those messages.
Depending on requirements, CrateDB can be deployed as a single central cluster (often cloud-hosted), or as separate clusters in each production plant/region/etc. For the latter case, data is still stored locally on each cluster, but can be replicated to a central cluster for querying.

To run distributed queries across CrateDB clusters without replicating data, a separate engine such as Trino would be needed.




Thanks for this. It still sounds possible but we’ll need to test Trino or equivalent.
Our use case does involve data per sensor, there is no intermediate database. I.e each sensor has a DB instance there is no middle tier instance.

Thanks again .