CrateDB office hours: Wednesday, August 2 2023

The next office hour session begins on August 2 at 3 PM CET/ 9 AM ET, and this time we will show you some of the cool features available in CrateDB 5.4:

  • How to use statement_timeout to stop long-running queries
  • How to update arrays by elements
  • Changed literal INTERVAL data type to comply with PostgreSQL behavior
  • New scalar functions such as array_set and btrim

Do not miss the opportunity to talk to our engineers, ask questions and share your feedback. If you have some specific topic in mind that you would like to see in the agenda please let us know in the comments of the most recent office hour post on our forum.

To register for the session and receive the link to join, simply fill out the registration form. We look forward to seeing you there!


Thanks all for participating in today’s call :slight_smile: Check out the slides from today’s session office_hours_2_august.pdf.

See you next time!