CrateDB hourly diagnostics report

Hi Team,
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I want to know that what’s happened in last hour in CrateDB.
I want some help regrading hourly performance report. Like Oracle Database have AWR report which give information about what happen in last 1 hour in DB.
Is there any report like AWR which have in CrateDB.

Vinayak Katkar.

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Hi Vinayak,

thank you for writing in. We started some diagnostics tooling over at Add `cratedb-wtf` diagnostics program by amotl · Pull Request #88 · crate-workbench/cratedb-toolkit · GitHub the other day. I think it may be able to support you in this regard, but it is not finished yet. We will let you know about its progress if you are interested. Are you @vinayakkatkar on GitHub?

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