CRATE Incremental Snapshots : Https://

We are using Crate 2.1.6 and i am bit confused with below statement

" Snapshots are incremental . Snapshots of the same cluster created later only store data not already contained in the repository"

My table is partitioned by a date column and every time i take a snapshot i think it always back ups the entire table. I am saying this on the basis on size if the snapshot on the filesystem and from sys.snapshots table

any suggestions would be appreciated.


Please have a look at this:

Yes, whence you take a snapshot, all segments of the index are stored as they are. Now you interact with the database (insert/update/delete), the underlying lucene segments are merged accordingly… and in the next snapshot, these segments are stored (with overlapping data).

Maybe… decide on a retention policy for the older snapshots and DROP SNAPSHOT.

CrateDB has evolved quite a bit since your version, would you consider upgrading?


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