Copying the database

Hi all,

This is a semi-lazy request as I’m trying to copy some test data quickly without resorting to export method overhead : -
Is it possible to copy the database folder structure to another instance on another machine ?
or is the data intrinsically linked to the server instance ?

Many thanks in advance.

If you copy the data folder to another machine, this should be possible, though not recommended. Be aware, that if both machines are on the same network and see each other this might lead to unexpected behaviour.

2 other options might be

  • creating / restoring a snapshot
  • enable logical replication between clusters.

Thanks for that - I must admit I totally forgot about snapshots.
Also moving the data might be sub optimal in my case as i have a 3 docker node so its actually 48 GB rather than 16GB.

Thanks for your help!.

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