Cluster does not respond after synchronization is complete


I allow myself to dig up my ticket: SQL Freeze after sync done

After several version upgrades (4.4 to 4.6) the problem is still present.

As long as the synchronization does not reach 100%, the 3 nodes remain accessible, and can read and write the data.

As soon as the replication is perfect, after a few seconds/ minutes, one or more nodes stop responding.
No message appears in the logs, even when passing the log level to “debug”.

Do you have an idea to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @ilbee,

I’m sorry to learn about the difficulties you’re facing with your CrateDB setup. Currently, there isn’t a known issue related to this that I could directly assist you with.

For operational problems of this nature, the most effective approach is to engage with our support team’s engineers.

Best regards,