Where can I find documentation on setting memory/index settings?

I was trying to follow this post:


But I’m not sure how to set:

  • memory.index_buffer_size: 25%
  • bootstrap.mlockall: true

where can I find some documentation on this?


You have read the article dated 2016-04-19 (four years ago), so now I am curious as to what may have changed since then. Having a look at the release history, I find that the nearest to that date is 0.54.8, see here.

Since then, there has been a rename of bootstrap.mlockall in version 2.0.0:

The node setting bootstrap.mlockall has been renamed to bootstrap.memory_lock

(searching for the property in the reference reveals this.)

To use the setting you need to configure it in your crate.yml configuration file.

Regarding indices.memory.index_buffer_size, that node level setting is not explicitly documented, but being part of CrateDB’s “persistence and consensus”-ware, elasticsearch, you should be able to override its value in crate.yml too.

Happy days!