Viewing data from IoT meters


Sorry if this seems a broad question! . Its in regards to the tools people use to view the data from CrateDB.

I’ve got a specific use case that at the moment uses a custom browser front end, that works OK but now we are switching to using CrateDB for a backend ( rather than hideous custom binary file formats).

We use IoT devices that measure multiple parameters per minute (hundreds in a snapshot) and this is being inserted into CrateDB and most of these parameters are double precision.

We currently view the data in graphs with minute resolution over a minimum of a day but usually several days, with detail and summary data. This can be selected from multiple devices so has overlapping graphs/charts to show this.

What sort of graphing tools would allow us to view data in a similar fashion , Grafana, Superset ? .

Sorry if it seems vague but I’ve not used any other visualization tools so far.

Thanks for any help.

I would say Grafana and Superset are quite common for time-series data and used by many customers/users.

Otherwise also other (more BI focused) tools like Looker, Tableau, MicroStrategy, etc. work


Thanks @proddata .

We have looked at a few others e.g. AWS quicksite but they only ever seem to aggregate/summarize data rather than allow for data viewing.