Trouble connecting CrateDB with Grafana - Stuck on testing connection


I’ve deployed Grafana and Cratedb in Kubernetes and am trying to add cratedb as a data source in Grafana with the steps mentioned here Visualizing time series data with Grafana and CrateDB. However, when I do the “save and test” function on Grafana, it just keeps waiting on the “testing” phase and doesn’t proceed. What could be causing this problem ? Both Grafana and Cratedb are running on the same network.

Thank you

Hi @shubhabrata_sen,

some potential pointers:

  • verify the two pods can see each other by pinging from Grafana pod to CrateDB (you mention they are in the same network but test that it works as expected)
  • did you create a user for Grafana in CrateDB and does it have sufficient privileges?
  • do not use the crate user as it’s done in the blog post. crate superuser is restricted to local access
  • potentially check Grafana log files. maybe some information can be found there

If this does not help can you please share your Postgres Connection configuration from Grafana with us?

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Hi @jayeff ,

Thank you for your prompt response. It was a minor oversight from me. I was using the port mapped to access the admin UI for crateDB in the connection string instead of the postgres port. Things are working properly now :slightly_smiling_face: . Wish you a great day ahead !!