Selecting data using _id values with "in" operator

I am curious what I might need to change in order to select rows that match from a subset using the _id value.

What works for me is the simple case where I perform a single comparison:

-- Returns a single matching record
select _id from MYTABLE 
where _id = '0FBz2YIBrkUKPjoPIbIo';

What does not work for me is when the where clause is against a set:

-- Returns nothing
select _id from MYTABLE  
where _id in ('0FBz2YIBrkUKPjoPIbIo');

Since I only have this issue when working with _id, I am curious if there is some special handling or casting that I need to include in my SQL.

Hi @Bryan_Ford,

this looks like a bug to me, I could reproduce it for tables that have a primary key defined. I reported it to our development team:

Great to know I’m not crazy. :slight_smile:
Thank you, much.

A fix was merged yesterday and will be included in the next CrateDB release (5.0.2). Thanks again for reporting, @Bryan_Ford!

Great to hear. Thanks for letting me know and including the version number of the patched release. I appreciate it.