Queries against table with table.field_name != table.field_name failing

CrateDB version: 2.1.5

JVM version: OpenJDK 1.8.0_151

OS version / environment description: Ubuntu / AWS / Local SSD Raid-0

Problem description:
On the (admittedly silly) query including the condition posts.domain_id != posts.domain_id I am seeing a significant number of timeout errors.


(crate.client.exceptions.ConnectionError) No more Servers available, exception from last server: HTTPConnectionPool(host='api02.voicegraph.org', port=4200): Read timed out. (read timeout=30) [SQL: 'SELECT posts.id AS posts_id, posts.by_line AS posts_by_line FROM posts WHERE posts.domain_id != posts.domain_id AND posts.by_line IS NOT NULL AND posts.created_at > ?'] [parameters: ('2018-02-19T00:01:19.000000Z',)]