PHP PDO Driver to slow

Hi there,

we are currently trying to integrate Crate into our Laravel PHP Application with your supplied PDO Driver. Everything works fine except the speed on inserting a row. Depending on the count of our jobs a row may be inserted and selected by the job right after insert again. The problem here is that we can’t get the inserted row right after the insert. With a delay of 1 second it would work but this can’t be the solution to the problem.

Is this a known Problem and what can we try? I dont know if it is directly a Problem with the Driver or Crate itself.

Thank you in advance!
Best regards,
Dominic Gebhart

Hi @DominicGebhart,

Yes this a known “problem” and this is caused by our eventual consistency which is caused by the nature of our database being able to consume high volumes of data.
You can manually force a refresh after the insert is done.