Pg_replication_slots error

error creating postgres connection e=db error: ERROR: Relation 'pg_replication_slots' unknown

I have this error when I am trying to interact with crate/postgresql
is this pg_replication_slots suported ? how can I configure it ?
where does it exist this table pg_replication_slots ?

for example

postgres=# SELECT pg_create_logical_replication_slot('crate', 'pgoutput');
psql -c "select * from pg_create_physical_replication_slot('crate');"

Hi @amr

Are you trying to replicate data between CrateDB and a PostgreSQL Server using logical replication?
That is unfortunately not possible and as far as I know also not planned, as the mechanism used are quite different.

best regards

I am trying to interact with postgres using fluvio

$ docker run -d --name fluvio-connect-postgres --net postgres-net -v "$HOME/.fluvio/config:/home/fluvio/.fluvio/config" infinyon/fluvio-connect-postgres-source -- --url=postgres://postgres:mysecretpassword@postgres-leader:5432 --publication=fluvio --slot=fluvio --fluvio-topic=postgres

but i couldn’t normally the connection direct with postgres it works.