We have a table with 43.6 million records. Partition on the table is on the basis of weeks. Max. records in a single partition is 28,992,722. Table has index on all columns used in where clause. we are also using ‘match’ and ‘within’ geospatial functions in where clause. Many time when we execute a query we are getting nullpointerexception and sometimes it returns the result. We are not able to debug the issue as sometime it works perfectly with the same search criterion.
we are using Crate Version 4.6.1

Hi @paragdodia,

I’m sorry to read that you are seeing exceptions with your queries.

Can you please share the stack trace for the NullPointerException with us from your log files? Can you share the query with us?

Can you try to make this issue reproducible? I suspect specific records are causing this exception and the query fails depending on if this record is included in the result set or not. Adjusting your WHERE accordingly could potentially help here.