No Rows Are Imported When Using COPY FROM gzip File


I’m trying to load data from a gzip file using the COPY FROM command.

My file has 1 header row and is in gzip format.

When I run the command I get no errors, it says it has imported 1276 records, but when I query the table there are no records imported?

Any ideas ?

The command I used is attached.



Hi Mark,

Are you using the latest version?
Would you be willing to share the schema (SHOW CREATE table mm.bm0000002) and an example .csv so that I could test it locally? (If you don’t want to share it here, you can send it by mail to

best regards

refresh_interval was set 0 (i.e. the table isn’t refreshed automatically).

To enable automatic table refresh use:

ALTER TABLE mm.bm0000002 SET (refresh_interval = 1000);